Sunday, 3 November 2013

Thriller Opening Title Sequences

As our project is to create a Thriller opening sequence, I have analysed several thriller opening sequences.  

This opening sequence from 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' (2011) is a title sequence. The sequence is several different objects and people covered in a black liquid. They seem to be references to events that occur in the film. Production and cast credits run over the sequence, as well as the title. Quite punky/rocky music plays over the sequence. Over all the sequence is quite dark and horrific.

The opening segment to 'Taken' (2008) gets straight into the film. It starts with home video footage. Then a quick cut to the protagonist waking up, looking at the photograph, holding some instructions, then the film starts. The production and cast credits run over the opening. The opening seems to be making it easy to draw conclusions from, that the protagonist cares about his daughter, and he seems to live separately from his family. Nothing pretty thrilling occurs in this opening.

The opening sequence of 'Psyhco' (1960) is just titles. A dramatic score kicks in. The production and cast credits run over barred line graphics and black. Simple, but does the job. 

'Eagle Eye' (2008) starts with a production credit. The sequence takes place in the middle of events. The sequence starts with young kids running to a village. Cars are seen driving towards the village. A sinister score plays overhead. Foreign dialogue is heard as we see the point of view of some binoculars. Cutting between inside the office and the village creates tension, as the viewer knows something is going to happen. The score becomes dramatic towards the end as the people are blown up. Then the title is shown. The opening creates enigmas and gets the viewer in the mood for the rest of the film.

After looking at these opening sequences, I think my title sequence won't just be titles. I would like to set up enigmas, and really excite the audience, as it seems to be a far more interesting route to take.

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