Sunday, 17 November 2013

Synopses For Opening Sequence

Synopses for opening sequence ideas

Our ideas are still vague as we are allowing room for compromise both ways, however the basic concept begins with a black screen, titles appear along with music as this is happening a shot of a match being sparked alight in slow motion. The score will be very tense and suspenseful and we will try our best to synchronise what we can with the way the score develops. Cinematography wise the shot will most likely be an extreme close up or close up. Edits will be slow at this point as later on we will be increasing the speed at which they cut at to increase suspense. A figure will slowly come into focus and visibility and he will light a candle. He will shine the candle on a wall full of symbols and begin noting them down in a notebook, while he is doing this we might possibly have narrator dialogue speaking what the character as he is writing things down.

Our next shot is of a girl who is walking through a forest and walking toward an abandoned building. Cuts will speed up the time it takes her to approach the building. We will try to make the audience assume that she is looking for him and they are happening at the same time, however we will later reveal that they are during different time periods, one key prop of this will be the girl holding and looking at a photo of the boy in the previous shot. Next there will be cross cutting between the two characters with the girl following in the boys footsteps, cuts will make it look like both are doing the same movement and motion to build tension for the girl character. At that point strange sounds will begin to be heard, which should raise the suspense. The girl character will find a candle on the floor that looks exactly like that of the boy, and some dried up blood on the floor. She eventually finds the notebook and begins reading from it, some pages are ripped and torn, then a cut back to the first character, where theres a shot of him and a dark mysterious figure creeping up on him, and then a cut and he disappears.

Another synopses idea that we had was about a group of young adults driving to the forest for a camping trip, there would be contrapuntal music of dread and ambient high pitch score, while there is a long cut montage of the kids in the car messing around and having fun, this would quickly end and as they drive deeper into the forest small psychological elements like ripped signs and scary trees would be visible, they get out the car as the road ends and look around a spooky landscape of autumn trees with their leaves lost, the 3 main characters realise that the fourth is no where to be seen, running around looking for him and panicking he jumps out scaring them for a jokes, they all relieve themselves and carry on looking around they start setting up tents but the night beats them to it as it get's to dark for them to finish, eventually they are faced with a situation that the person who was playing jokes earlier disappears again, the group contemplate wether to look for him or not, it is from each of their perspectives apart from the one their looking for, they slowly begin losing each other and find themselves on their own. that would be the end of the opening sequence.

-David Ziolkowski

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