Wednesday, 27 November 2013


One of our first location ideas was to use a forest we had many ideas which forest to go in but ended up deciding to use the one closest to one of our other filming locations, this forest in particular has the spooky feeling that we want to have about it and contains many opportunities for shots as it is a large and various landscape. We can get multiple different feelings of the forest just by using different sections, angles and edits of it, hopefully this will be demonstrated in the final piece. We would have our character off path most of the time making it seem like she is in a complete wilderness and will try to avoid any shots showing any buildings as it will ruin the 'distant, and abandoned aspect of the forest that we want.

Our next location was next to the forest and it will be the exterior of the hideout of one of our characters, as you can see from this panorama shot, the building in the middle is where we will focus our filming on however we might have an extreme long shot similar to this to establish the location of the next scene, we don't plan to have more than 4 or 5 shots of this.

Here is a close up view/ one of our potential shots for the first location. It has connotations of abandonment, danger and the fact that it is old adds to our storyline of a mystery being with held for centuries. This is our most likely location at the moment as we cant seem to find one quite like it.

For our second location we want to give it an underground cellar type feel, as we think that this is a key element in helping us create suspense and tension effectively. The location that we have chosen is also extremely convenient as it is in our school and we will likely have authorization to adjust the location to our needs e.g paint symbols on the walls. We also have a few handy props at disposal from the drama department as this location is under the stage, furthermore we will try to get floodlights to light up our cellar from the photography department hopefully; therefore at school we have many opportunities and possibilities and advantages as oppose to filming completely reliant on what me and Dario can get our hands on.
However there was another location that we had been considering which is in Imperial Court in Vauxhall as my dad is refurbishing the building he has access to the extensive cellar system under the building, however we also run the risk of not being allowed there or get permission to film as it is technically a private property. We also considered the factors of price, as we are extremely low budget we have very little money for travel and would preferably stay more local, on the other hand it is a very good location for filming, just all in all not practical enough. 

Potential health and safety issues + practicality.

1st location, is in hounslow, the area that we want to film in is dodgy and is a hot spot for local chavs and waste men, shattered glass on the floor and needles from drug use make raise the risk of injury as well as the questionable stability of the building that we would film in. Practicality wise it would be hard to get equipment to this area, furthermore painting our symbols on the walls would possibly be  easier to get away with than if we did it in school however this could be debatable, as the paints and brushes are in school.

Our second location in school is fairly safe as there will always be a teacher near by, however there are some safety aspects to be cautious of, for example the myriads of wires that surround the school basement could be a very potential hazard if where not careful, boiling hot copper pipes are severely dangerous to be around in the dark, but these problems can be overcome by staying away from certain parts of the basement. The dark could cause accidental collisions with the many tables scattered around downstairs making this are less ideal. 

In conclusion both settings have potential hazards, but we should be fine if we're careful.

-David Ziolkowski

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