Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Evaluation Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?

Q4: Who would be the audience for your media product?

For our Thriller opening sequence, when we were planning, we were aiming for a 15 rating according to the BFFC guidelines. It states the film is allowed strong violence and language, drug uses, sexual references and violence, and discriminatory language. I believe out film could achieve this rating as it meets these guidelines, because it doesn't really having any of these in our opening sequence, it may even possibly fit into the 12 rating. It's not that we are specifically aiming for a 15 year old audience, but there's no point adding in content just to force the film into the 18 category when it isn't necessary.

As well as following BBFC guidelines, we followed Demographic and Psychographic profiling. From our demographic profiling, we said we would attempt to appeal to teens of our age and young adults, so around 15-30. We said we'd try and appeal to both genders as there are not enough thriller films that try to appeal to females. Race and sexuality we didn't really have a preference for, this was more to do with the availability of actors, which we were limited to. For our opening, we cast a female as the main character, so hopefully our film would gain a greater female audience, as they could relate to her as a character. Also, all the actors fit the teen demographic, again, meaning the teen audience can relate to the characters more, and hopefully take more of an interest into the film. 

Following our Psychographic profiling, we said our target audience would be Reformers and Explorers. Reformers like to be enlightened, have independent judgement and are aware of good taste. Explorers seek discovery; they like to adventure and try new things. Our film is sure to appeal to Explorers as it isn't a Thriller that follows the norm, its quite a melting pot of sub-genres. It might also appeal to Reformers as it challenges the convention of the strong male role in thrillers. 

We believe these make up our primary audience. However, I believe we would have a secondary audience in the 30 - 50 age range, as they too enjoy thrillers, and many may still feel young, or not mind the young cast. We believe the story is compelling enough to attract those of any age.

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