Thursday, 6 March 2014

Evaluation Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?

Q5: How did you attract/address your audience? 

One of the main ways in which we attempted to attract out audience was to use a cast of our age group. Having a cast the same age group as your audience means that the audience can associate with the characters more, and it really highlights that this film is aimed at them. We also used a female for the lead, hopefully attracting the attention of females so that more watch our film, as thrillers often tend to be more male orientated. 

Graph of Favorite Film Genres

We thought Psychological Thriller would be the best sub-genre to follow for our film, as it borders on Horror, and horror is a popular genre with our age group. We feel our opening has elements of Adventure too. All these themes and genres are liked by our age group thanks to a quick survey we took. They seem to enjoy shocks and surprises and mystery, like any youths would. We made sure the story wasn't too complicated or boring, to keep the audience engaged with the film. Playing with two protagonists in different time periods helps to keep the film interesting, following one protagonist for 3 minutes may have gotten boring for our audience. 

The score in our film was chosen to really amplify the emotions and feelings we wanted out of our audience at certain moments. Our film has 2 scores, one slower, timid and creepy in the first half, we feel it had an air of mystery to it, and we hoped it would straight away make the audience tense. The second score was the build up to the climax, so it had to ramp up the tension and suspense, so the audience felt the characters were in grave danger. Its faster beat and pounding drums achieve this. The first score is around 0:06 - 1:31, the second around 2:15 - 3:05.

We uploaded our opening sequence to YouTube. This is because this is the main video sharing website on the internet and most people use it all the time. People can comment on your video on YouTube, also, it is easy to post a link to the video onto social media sites to share with your friends and followers, and they can also add comments on them. Majority of people in our audience use Social Networking, its the main way they consume information now. So to address our audience, the ideal place would be social media. So we linked our film to Facebook and Twitter, this was useful as we got some audience feedback. We did screenings with some people at school, some people we asked through Facebook chat what they thought of it, and some were comments and tweets. 

Various ways we received audience feedback

Someone via Facebook said that our film had 'brilliant ideas' and was 'properly tense' in many parts. They said that they thought we could have chosen a 'better font' for the credits, and they thought there were 1 or 2 editing 'faults' in it, but that these 'didn't distract from the overall film'. They thought it wasn't 'your typical thriller', which they enjoyed. 

After a public viewing, one person said that they were 'very interested' in the story, and thought the cinematography was 'excellent'. The thought it was 'genuinely' creepy at points. However, they thought it could have been shorter as it got a bit boring towards the middle. 

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