Sunday, 2 March 2014

Evaluation Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When we filmed our preliminary task it was hard at first, operating the camera, directing people and the whole post production process, however I was fortunate enough to have someone in my group who could edit well already, he taught us the basics, so from an early stage our group was ahead of the other ones. However we did of course encounter problems, for example it was hard to direct the actors as everyone kept laughing because they felt awkward in front of the camera, another issue was creativity we didn't know what we where capable of, imagining different shots was not part of the process when we first filmed, however this changed later when we made our own product, as we were not limited to time we were able to think of different shots and incorporate them into our product.
The same was seen with our editing, as we had a chance to mess around with the software we were able to learn more about how to use it.

I have learnt a multitude of skills techniques that I had never known about before, many different types of editing skills, as well as foley sound and voice recording skills.
Before the production process the blogs that we had helped develop and record our ideas so that we would have some key concepts to focus on, this stage influenced our production as we record details online where both me and my partner could access the information whenever we wanted to, what we learnt from  this process is how to better organise our thoughts and opinions, as well as helping with our research which would influence our work.
 In the production stage the use of camera's was one of the most enlightening procedures, I developed very important recording skills, and matured my use of film angles, shots and movements. I refined skills of operating the camera, such as changing unwanted footage, and uploading on to the lap top.
Furthermore we used lights from the photography department to give effect to our product, I learned how to use this piece of equipment quickly and it provided the perfect mood for our scenes.

To start of with the first important skill that everyone must have acquired on iMovie is the cutting, this was very simple and allowed my product to use varying montage and prolonged shots efficiently through the ease of use as the cutting was dead straight forward. Next the tools that came in handy where the colour correction and filter ones, which enabled my product to have a different feel to it, they are also simple to grasp and very effective at directing the mood and lighting of your film. Next the slow motion and fast forward options allowed to create the desired pace if it wasn't already.

Next sound had to be added to the product which required us to use the internet to find some sound effects and score, we also used the voice recorder technology to create some foley sounds that we could use in our project. Once we acquired the sound we put it through i movies sound effects which had some useful special effects that it could add to the sound effects/ score. What I learnt from these things was how to use equalisers, how to fade songs/fx in and out and how to connect songs/fx together, this allowed me to develop my film making skills.

There was also a text option which would allow us to have moving titles, this was also informative and cool, we ended up downloading many different fonts of the internet to find one that suited, through this i leant how to pick appropriate text fonts etc.

Finally when we shared our project on youtube and Facebook we could see people's responses to our product and they were pleasantly surprising, everyone thought that it was really well done, which made us happy that our hard work payed off. We learnt literally infinite skills both major and minor from this project, it would be impossible to list them all but to recap the main things i learnt where, researching, planning, story boarding, directing, acting, filming, lighting, producing, editing, colour correcting, composing, publishing, distributing and many more!

All of these experiences have progressed my individual abilities from the beginning of the continuum up to this point where I have started making holiday videos for my parents that they really enjoy, as well as teaching my dad to use iMovie.

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