Friday, 20 December 2013


Casting research

Clarice is our first option for our main character choice as seen in our interview above she is the perfect candidate for Clara the character that we would like to display in our opening sequence. She is the right age and appearance that we would like. I have a close contact with her, and she lives close by and is available for filming. Her clothing fits our needs and so does her age appearance as well as drama acting qualifications.
Ana is our second option for Clara's character, she is also very available and lives close by, however we just found out that she will be on holiday during the time that we need to film, which means that we won't be able to use her.

The character of David, will be played by me (David) as we are trying to simplify the amount of people that we have to rely on to be available, where as i know that I'm available most of the time, I have the appropriate clothing, mise-en-scene and idea of what I want to act/ say. I will be playing the character of a young archeologist, stumbling upon an ancient discovery that could change the worlds previously perceived idea of human history, however there are those who are sworn guardians of this secret and will do everything to keep this secret away from publicity, with this David goes missing; Clara will be walking in his footsteps, will the same end meet her?
For the reasons above i believe my availability and knowledge of what we want in the sequence makes me appropriate to play this role.

Our final character is Dario who will be the antagonist in our opening sequence, his mise-en-scene also matches what we want, he will be wearing a dark shady and mysterious coat that will make him blend in with the shadows, the availability of this person is high as he is my group partner, and so he will also know what exactly to do according to synopsis that we wrote.

-David Ziolkowski

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